About OFabz Swimwear



Meet Cheryl & Olivia Fabian, the duo behind the cutie suits of OFabz Swimwear. They have designed everything from figure skating costumes to dresses for drag queens with a love an commitment to stretch fabrics and ruffles. Their most recent adventure has blown up in a way they could have never imagined. They harnessed Cheryl's love of mixing prints with Olivia's love of all things retro to create a line of bikinis that Mary Tyler Moore and Bettie Draper would have fought over. Their debut collection was picked up by several of their dream retailers including ModCloth.com, Unique Vintage, and lots of cutie boutiques sprinkled across America, Australia, Germany, and the U.K. 

Cheryl, Olivia and the whole OFabz crew of babes are so grateful for the success they have experienced and can't wait to see what adventures they get themselves into this time around.

OFabz Swimwear innovates to cross the fun of a gorgeous swimsuit with really functional needs of active gals. The styles vary, but are all just a bit on the retro side, hinting at that time in American history when sex was still cute and bomb shelters were en vogue.

The gals of OFabz pride themselves on the quality craftsmanship of the line that is made here in the USA. They always introduce each collection as an event. Typically unveiling to audiences through launch parties and pop up shops that give each line the appropriate send off. All lines are limited to ensure each suit is just as unique the women wearing them. 

Peace & Love,

Olivia and Cheryl Fabian