• Hooray! It's Pop Up Weekend!

    Posted: 09.29.15

    We're popping up again!.. and i think this might be one of theee coolest pop up ever!

    Our pal Taber is opening the most adorable store with the coolest things you never knew you needed. It's called Fancy & Staple and its full of gift items so good you'll buy in duplicate (or triplicate even). Because you need a mermaid bottle opener and push-pop confetti everyday.

    The event is this Saturday and includes some of the absolute coolest people in town making/doing/selling some of the most thrilling things. These are the people that make me proud to live here and humbled to call them friends. They're amazing.

    Cheryl and I went in to check out the space to see where our pop up will be (and if we should bring the cabana or not) and we wanted EVVVERRRYYYTHING. It was beyond cuteness.Here's a peek. <click that

    We're going back Thursday to set up our pretties and I could not be more excited. We have some new display items which i find exciting because i'm a nerd. But the really exciting part is new suits! Cheryl has been hard at work in her lab, dreaming up tons of mixed-print goodness for all you lovely ladies.

    I have also been keeping busy during nap times making new flower crowns perfect for Lolla, Saturday night at the Rail, or just a walk over to the farmers market. Flower crowns for day or evening. :)

    Anywho we are so excited to be getting out to see all of your lovely faces and just wanted to say so.

    Here are the event details:
    RSVP via Facebook

    THIS Saturday, October 3rd

    Fancy & Staple
    1111 Broadway
    Fort Wayne, IN 46802

    What's the scoop? 
    12-3 Pop up shop featuring Belyst
    12-3 Pop up shop featuring OFabz
    3-6 Small eats by Bird & Cleaver
    3-6 Cash bar by CS3
    2-4 Photography by Ruth Yaroslaski

    We can't wait to see you all this Saturday!



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  • The Cool Mom Bikini

    Posted: 08.09.15

    I know I have been missing in action on this blog lately and I know its easy to say 'I've been really busy' but in this case I think its true. I want to let you in on what's going on in my life. Several months ago we welcomed the newest addition to the OFabz family. Arlo Alexander... the best boy I know. He recently started swim class (and LOVES it) so I thought this was an appropriate way to introduce him to all of you lovely gals.

    Since becoming a mom I have a new appreciation for the high waisted bikini. Being a new mom you don't always feel super amazing about your body. I am a very confidant gal but it takes a little bit of getting used to. Now that doesn't mean I want to go off the deep end (pun intended) and have Cheryl make me a tankini with an attached skirt. Nooooo wayyyyy. It sound silly because I always liked how I felt wearing OFabz suits but this is a whole new level of appreciation for them. To be able to put on a bikini and feel great about yourself, as a new mom or in general, is more rare than I ever realized.

    Confession: I wore a non-OFabz bikini to swim lessons one day and realized just how much I need and appreciate my own OFabz suits.

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  • Look Ma! We're on TV!

    Posted: 06.01.15

    Cheryl and I were on TV week being nerds. A couple weeks before local celeb Melissa Long and news crew set up shop in my dining room.... don't worry, I cleaned up like a mad women beforehand. I never thought I'd have the 5 o'clock news sitting in my house but it was a perfectly enjoyable afternoon chatting with them.

    If you want to hear about our meetings at Starbucks looking through swatches of lycra click on the photo to watch the video.

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  • OMG ModCloth!

    Posted: 06.01.15

    Hi Gals!

    OMG we're almost sold out on ModCloth for this season already! I am blown away! ModCloth was always something we dreamed of... like "Someday.... when we grow up.... we'll sell something we make on ModCloth". To not only have it on there but to have it sell out is beyond cool. I know our selection on our site is a little low this season but we've been doing some really fun one-of-a-kind suits lately.


    We've been doing pop-up shops and meeting lots of fun gals who are loving getting their own limited edition OFabz suit aaaaand we just started dabbling in uploading suits on Instagram. Stay tuned to @OFabzSwimgirl on Instagram because we'll be posting some fun one-of-a-kind sample sale items again.




    P.S. Look how many likes....

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  • Tambourine Queen

    Posted: 03.02.15

    The Tambourine Queen is a pumped up version of the little black suit.

    Little bit of ruffle and little bit of polka dot in black and white to keep it cool.

    Right now a limited number of sample suits are available in size small and extra small.

    This sample suit is only $35!

    Here's how to get yours now.

    Simply email ofabian@ofabz.com with the following info:

    • The suit style and size you would like to buy
    • Your shipping address
    • Your Paypal email address (OFabz will send an invoice for the suit and, once paid, your suit will be shipped out and you will be sent a tracking number).

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  • I Believe in Picnics

    Posted: 02.12.15

    Annnnnd nowwww.... introducing.... the 'I Believe in Picnics' one piece!

    Finally, a one piece that covers what you'd like to cover

    but is anything but matronly. This sassy little suit has a classic white polka dot pattern on a navy background. It's also lined with an apple green polka dot print to add just a hint of whimsy.

    Right now a limited number of sample suits are available in size small.

    This sample suit is only $35!

    Here's how to get yours now.

    Simply email ofabian@ofabz.com with the following info:

    • The suit style and size you would like to buy
    • Your shipping address
    • Your Paypal email address (OFabz will send an invoice for the suit and, once paid, your suit will be shipped out and you will be sent a tracking number).

    This suit is 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra, the fabric is rated SPF 50+ and its made in the usa.

    We love the fit of this suit and it runs pretty true to size. Just to make sure here's a look at our size chart.

    A plunging, yet well covered, neckline in the front...

    ...And a punch of drama in the back. Just think, hardly any tan lines!


    The OFabz Gals

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  • Hopscotch Time Machine

    Posted: 02.11.15

    Behold...The Hopscotch Time Machine suit!!!

    And only $35 for the whole suit!

    If you love pink and gingham and ruffles this is a must have. It hides the midsection and shows off all the right assets... all while making you feel like a badass version of 1950's Barbie.

    A limited number of sample suits are available now in size extra small and small. Here's how to get yours now.

    Simply email ofabian@ofabz.com with the following info:

    • The suit style and size you would like to buy
    • Your shipping address
    • Your Paypal email address (OFabz will send an invoice for the suit and, once paid, your suit will be shipped out and you will be sent a tracking number).

    Thanks so much and keep your eyes peeled for new suits and killer deals.


    The OFabz Gals

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  • It's an Online Sample Sale!

    Posted: 02.01.15

    We'll be posting tons of cutie sample suits at amazing prices! Quantities are limited so stay tuned to the OFabz Instagram or Facebook page to snag your favorite.

    We'll post available sizes, prices and product details but feel free to email ofabian@ofabz.com with any questions.

    See a suit you have to have?

    Simply email ofabian@ofabz.com with the following info:

    • The suit style and size you would like to buy
    • Your shipping address
    • Your Paypal email address (OFabz will send an invoice for the suit and, once paid, your suit will be shipped out and you will be sent a tracking number).

    Thanks so much and keep your eyes peeled for new suits and killer deals.


    The OFabz Crew

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  • Tis' the Season

    Posted: 12.27.14



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  • OFabz Loves Fort Wayne Pop Up Shop

    Posted: 08.19.14

    The gals of OFabz want to thank you for all the love, support and high fives over the past three years... so they're throwing a party!

    Day / time: Saturday, August 30th 2pm-5pm

    Location: The B-Side @ One Lucky Guitar! 1301 Lafayette Street Suite 201 Fort Wayne, IN 46802

    30% off All new suits!
    Up to 50% off last season
    $10 Sample suits
    $10 Whim suits
    $10 Sample Dude Suits

    Drinks. Music. Bikinis. Contests. Giveaways. Pink Flamingos. Summer Fun.

    Beautiful poster by the lovely and talented Andrea Harvey.

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  • OFabz Mixtape No. 4: White Rabbit // Diamond Watch

    Posted: 08.01.14

    Post- acid house... that was the term first used by Brits in the music media to describe the fusion of jazz, soul and funk now known as Trip hop. What a killer term! We've been cranking this mixtape of hip hop and electronica up all afternoon... we can't decide whether to dance or to find the nearest catwalk to practice our strut. Either way, it's pretty rad. So grab your best gal pal, turn it up and let's party.

    Artwork and playlist by resident babe, adventure promoter and haver of fun, Andrea Harvey.

    White Rabbit // Diamond Watch < click the link for tunes

    01. "Get What I Want" - Bitter:Sweet

    02. "Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby?" - Dinah Washington

    03. "All Mine" - Portishead

    04. "Postales" - Federico Aubele

    05. "The Truth" - Handsome Boy Modeling School

    06. "They" - Jem

    07. "Coming Home Baby" - Skeewiff

    Peace & Love,



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  • Product Spotlight: Bettie is my Spirit Animal Suit

    Posted: 07.27.14

    The Bettie is my Spirit Animal suit is the perfect bikini for a quick dip after bridge club or a long day of poolside lounging.

    This high-waisted, retro-inspired swimsuit features an illustrated floral print that Bettie Draper and Mary Tyler Moore would have fought over.

    The top features a front ruffle in a poppy, fruit punch and padded cups. The suit is made from 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra fabric that is rated SPF 50+. The Bettie Is My Spirit Animal suit is also made in the usa.

    So find your inner Bettie Draper and then hit the pool in style.

    Peace & Love,


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  • OFabz Mixtape No. 3: Gold. Guns. Girls.

    Posted: 07.13.14

    Lately our crew has been feeling both adventurous and invincible. Like modern-day Bond girls who could jump out of a helicopter at a moments notice, scale a building or have a general idea how to do a roundhouse. Maybe its the weather, maybe its the good things happening around us, or maybe its the beginning of a permanent Bond girl takeover.... Whatever the reason, it feels damn good and we need to pass it on. So give our latest mixtape a listen while you pack your bags with catsuits and bikinis for your next adventure... and don't forget to brush up on your kung fu.

    Artwork and playlist by the purple haired, skydiving superhero, Andrea Harvey. 

    Gold. Guns. Girls. < click the link for tunes

    01. "When I'm Small" - Phantogram

    02. "Crawlersout" - Purity Ring

    03. "Play It Right" - Sylvan Esso

    04. "Sidewalk Safari" - Chairlift

    05. "Gold Guns Girls" - Metric

    06. "Zero" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    07. "If I Could Change Your Mind" - Haim

    08. "Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl" - Broken Social Scene

    Peace & Love,


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  • Shop Spotlight: Pillow Talk

    Posted: 07.07.14

    Cheryl and I recently took a trip to Carmel, Indiana to visit our pals, and OFabz retailer, Pillow Talk. 

    The statue out front set the tone for the cuteness that was waiting inside. 

    The Lilly Suit and Hayley Suit took center stage in the beautiful store window.

    Lovely shop owner, Kimberly, welcomed our delivery to re-stock Hayley suits and introduce the Tahitian Femme suits to Carmel.

    So the next time you're in Carmel, make sure you stop in the cutest shop in town and pick up something adorable... you deserve it!


    O & C


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  • Mixtape No. 2: OFabz C'est Bon

    Posted: 06.21.14

    It's time once again for your fix of rock 'n' roll babes and good vibes. We're currently obsessing over french-speaking women's covers of sixties jams... but who wouldn't be?! Some of the tunes on this mixtape were featured in our recent show at Austin Fashion Week and some were unearthed by our good pal Andrea. Listening to The Shangri-Las rock The Who's My Generation as I write this... and getting high on girl power. Give it listen and then meet me at the beach.

    Artwork and playlist by true friend, visual artist and rockstar, Andrea Harvey.

     OFabz C'est Bon < Click the link for tunes

    01. "7 Heures du Matin" - Jacqueline Taieb

    02. "C'est la Mode" - Annie Philippe

    03. "Aiko-Aiko" - Julie D

    04. "Paint It Black (Marie Douceur, Marie Colere)" - Marie Laforet

    05. Fallait pas ecraser la quene du" - Clothilde

    06. "Mas que nada" - Michelle A. Richard

    07. "Sono qui con voi (Baby Please Don't Go)" - Caterina Caselli

    08. "Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher" - Emilie-Claire Barlow

    09. "Palladium The Hip" - Liz Brady

    10. "Sans asterisque" - DANI

    11. "C'est Bon" - Accompagnee par Jean Clauderic et son orchestre, Adele

    Enjoy the tunes and the sunshine.

    Peace & Love,


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  • Behind the Polka Dots at OFabz

    Posted: 06.17.14

    We get to do lots of fun things at OFabz and we love to share them with you. We've rounded up a few choice photos from behind the scenes at OFabz HQ and are excited to share our next adventures too. Stay tuned for new suits and more silliness on the OFabz Instagram... @OFabzSwimGirl & the blog. 

    Peace & Love,


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  • Mixtape No. 1: Racing Hearts // Coming Down

    Posted: 06.06.14

    So not many of you know this but I play in a band with some really rad gals. My pal and our front lady (who is also are super talented graphic designer) recently pulled together some of our favorite summer jams to share with you lovely babes. So throw on your shades, turn up the tunes and consider this OFabz mixtape v. 1 of many.

    Artwork and musical selections by badass babe and all-around great person, Andrea Harvey.

    Racing Hearts - Coming Down < Click the Link For Tunes.

    01. "He Gets Me High" - Dum Dum Girls

    02. "My Heart Breaks" - Veronica Falls

    03. "Crazy For You" - Best Coast

    04. "Blood and Arrow" - Golden Triangle

    05. "Drive On" - La Sera

    06. "Searching Through The Past" - Bleached

    07. "I Can See It In Your Eyes" - The Like

    08. "Nightcrawlers" - Widowspeak


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  • OFabz on the Runway

    Posted: 05.15.14

    We had a fantastic time both on stage and off at Austin Fashion Week and wanted to share a few looks from our show. This collection is all about prints, polka dots and the proud women who wear them. Cheers to summertime!

    Thanks to everyone for your love and support!

    Peace & Love,

    Olivia & Cheryl

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  • Meet The Team for Fashion Week

    Posted: 03.27.14

    Its unbelievable that in less than five weeks, our little team will be headed to show our suits in Austin Fashion Week! We are getting our game plan together for work and for play and meeting lots of exciting people. The crew will consist of Cheryl, Olivia and Alex... The OFabz dream team.

    Let's meet em...


    Cheryl is a jack-of-all-trades and general all-around badass. She has a gift for mixing prints and an addiction to sewing with stretch fabrics. She brings creativity and imagination to the line and is Chief Admin of Good Vibes.

    Random Cheryl facts:

    • She can drive a Zamboni.
    • She has made costumes for competitive figure skaters all over the world.
    • She can make a baby shoe in like five minutes.



    Alex is our resident daredevil and master of IT. His talent for fixing things, combined with his open mind for problem solving, keep OFabz down to earth and running strong. Alex considers no job too small and is International Coordinator of High Fives.

    Random Alex facts:

    • He can do a handstand on a motorcycle while thirty feet in the air.
    • He loves dogs more than any human in the history of life.
    • He's secretly great at roller skating.



    Olivia has a love for marketing and all things retro. She has a knack for problem solving and an ability to brand. She pushes OFabz toward world domination and is District Supervisor of Hula Hooping and Horseplay.

    Random Olivia facts:

    • She has a Master Black Belt in martial arts.
    • She was a professional figure skater.
    • She's the drummer in a band of babes.


    Oh, and out best pals are coming to Austin too! 

    It just so happens that our good friends, the fellas of Heaven's Gateway Drugs are infiltrating Austin the very same week. They will be holding things down at Austin Psych Fest and we hope to visit them for a few adventures. Also, keep your ears open during our fashion show to catch some classic tunes from our bearded buddies.

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  • Everything is Possible.

    Posted: 03.17.14

    When you were young you made a list of things you wanted to do when you grew up… Travel to the moon. Star in a glamorous Hollywood movie. Become a cowgirl. You know what I’m talking about.

    I happened to have a list similar and have been fortunate enough to have most of my “When I Grow Up” list wishes come true...

    • Become a professional figure skater? Check. Far fetched but totally happened
    • Get a Master black belt? Check. I know, seems made up but its true.
    • Design clothing? Check. Well duh, you already know that one.

    Those were all cool but there was another item on the list that seemed a bit more pie in the sky. Honestly, in the back of my mind I wasn’t really quite sure if it was possible for a couple gals from Indiana (Cheryl & I) who started making swimsuits in their living room to be taken seriously by the fashion world. Our next item on the “When I Grow Up” list?

    Show in Fashion Week….


    I am amazingly proud and honored that OFabz Swimwear has been chosen to show at Austin Fashion Week this spring! I will have a follow up post with all the exciting details but I just wanted to get the word out that anything is possible. If the national fashion community can notice the two of us polka dot loving, stretch fabric obsessed knuckleheads, everything is possible. Let’s be great.

    Peace & Love,


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