• Meet The Team for Fashion Week

    Posted: 03.27.14

    Its unbelievable that in less than five weeks, our little team will be headed to show our suits in Austin Fashion Week! We are getting our game plan together for work and for play and meeting lots of exciting people. The crew will consist of Cheryl, Olivia and Alex... The OFabz dream team.

    Let's meet em...


    Cheryl is a jack-of-all-trades and general all-around badass. She has a gift for mixing prints and an addiction to sewing with stretch fabrics. She brings creativity and imagination to the line and is Chief Admin of Good Vibes.

    Random Cheryl facts:

    • She can drive a Zamboni.
    • She has made costumes for competitive figure skaters all over the world.
    • She can make a baby shoe in like five minutes.



    Alex is our resident daredevil and master of IT. His talent for fixing things, combined with his open mind for problem solving, keep OFabz down to earth and running strong. Alex considers no job too small and is International Coordinator of High Fives.

    Random Alex facts:

    • He can do a handstand on a motorcycle while thirty feet in the air.
    • He loves dogs more than any human in the history of life.
    • He's secretly great at roller skating.



    Olivia has a love for marketing and all things retro. She has a knack for problem solving and an ability to brand. She pushes OFabz toward world domination and is District Supervisor of Hula Hooping and Horseplay.

    Random Olivia facts:

    • She has a Master Black Belt in martial arts.
    • She was a professional figure skater.
    • She's the drummer in a band of babes.


    Oh, and out best pals are coming to Austin too! 

    It just so happens that our good friends, the fellas of Heaven's Gateway Drugs are infiltrating Austin the very same week. They will be holding things down at Austin Psych Fest and we hope to visit them for a few adventures. Also, keep your ears open during our fashion show to catch some classic tunes from our bearded buddies.

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  • Everything is Possible.

    Posted: 03.17.14

    When you were young you made a list of things you wanted to do when you grew up… Travel to the moon. Star in a glamorous Hollywood movie. Become a cowgirl. You know what I’m talking about.

    I happened to have a list similar and have been fortunate enough to have most of my “When I Grow Up” list wishes come true...

    • Become a professional figure skater? Check. Far fetched but totally happened
    • Get a Master black belt? Check. I know, seems made up but its true.
    • Design clothing? Check. Well duh, you already know that one.

    Those were all cool but there was another item on the list that seemed a bit more pie in the sky. Honestly, in the back of my mind I wasn’t really quite sure if it was possible for a couple gals from Indiana (Cheryl & I) who started making swimsuits in their living room to be taken seriously by the fashion world. Our next item on the “When I Grow Up” list?

    Show in Fashion Week….


    I am amazingly proud and honored that OFabz Swimwear has been chosen to show at Austin Fashion Week this spring! I will have a follow up post with all the exciting details but I just wanted to get the word out that anything is possible. If the national fashion community can notice the two of us polka dot loving, stretch fabric obsessed knuckleheads, everything is possible. Let’s be great.

    Peace & Love,


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  • Great Things Are Coming Up

    Posted: 03.12.14

    OFabz has hit another goal. We weren't quite sure what to expect but we put ourselves out there and good things happened. I guess its true... Good things come to those who hustle.

    Stay tuned for more on our next greatest adventure.

      Peace & Love,

             Cheryl & Olivia

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  • Retro Wonderland Adventures

    Posted: 03.08.14

    Did you ever have the feeling that you were back in time? You look around and things are so accurate that its almost spooky? Us too. We recently wandered into a building (or possibly another dimension) that boasted a vintage bowling alley, a retro theatre, a picture perfect diner and bar straight out of an episode of Mad Men. Step inside...

    The bowling alley, Duckpin Bowling, appeared virtually untouched since 1957. The mint-colored snack counter, the vintage pay phone and the original cigarette vending machine were all appreciated details. We also loved that this vintage-lover's paradise matched the Hayley suit perfectly.

    We snapped a picture of music venue, Radio Radio, before popping in the Smokehouse on Shelby to grab a bite. The bbq was to die for and the decor was even better. Crome barstools, bold pops of color and gigantic letters (taller than me) that spell out Pepsi.

    The "Rock-ola"... what a beaut.

    A quick selfie photoshoot at Duckpin Bowling before passing by this larger than life pep talk.

    We also stopped by the Pattern Magazine 2015 Trend Report presentation. It was held at this amazingly bizarre place called the Society of Salvage. They offered an endless buffet of vintage chandeliers, a bevy of irresistible office furniture that Peggy Olsen would covet and an impressively eerie collection of dentist chairs and supplies.

    Although we did not try the duckpin bowling, we starred in wonder long enough that we could have play several games. As retro swimwear designers we are constantly looking for places like these that are a complete submersion into the culture of yesteryear, when sex was still cute and bomb shelters were en vogue.

    Peace & Love,

    O & C

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  • Business Gals

    Posted: 03.03.14

    Last week Cheryl and I took a road trip to Indianapolis to be guests on Inside Indiana Business. The show is dedicated to sharing business news and advice from Indiana business and for Indiana businesses. We were on the particular segment run by Dr. Kuratko (Dr. K), the Distinguished Chair of Entrepreneurship  at the Kelly School of Business.

    Dr. Kuratko is considered a prominent scholar and national leader in the field of entrepreneurship. He has published over 190 articles on aspects of entrepreneurship, new venture development, and corporate entrepreneurship... and he's a really nice guy.

    Here's a shot of us with Dr. K in the green room at the studio. We had met with him earlier to explain the methods to our madness and get his recommendations for our business. We met many really nice people and the show went off without a hitch. The show aired on NBC and ABC last weekend but you can catch it at insideindianabusiness.com.

    Peace & Love,


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  • A Swimgirl Can Dream, Right?

    Posted: 12.18.13

    The past few weeks people have been asking what topped the ole OFabz holiday wish list. Turns out, its not all that holiday-ish... and not all that practical either. (big surprise) Here's a look at our latest letter to Santa.

    These shades from Kate Spade are just the right mix of retro and cool.

    Think of all the Christmas cookies we could make with this bubblegum pink KitchenAid mixer.

    & all the adventures we could have on this cotton candy pink cruiser bicycle!

    Okay, they might not be sensible but sometimes you just need some Hollywood platform shoes.

    Eek! We are beyond in love with these rhinestoned swim goggles. The perfect accessory for the Joy Suit. (wink wink)

    We can't wait to curl up with one of these vintage reads from Miss Moss.

    Kate Spade is our spirit animal and this "Get Out of Town" shoulder bag is our new best friend. It will accompany us to beaches, brunch and bike rides.

    Peace & Love,


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  • Our Disney World Adventure!

    Posted: 07.01.13

     I got the window seat on the plane. (Yay!)

    We stayed at the All Star Music Resort on the Disney World property and it... was.... amazing! Everything was truly larger than life. Giant guitars, jukeboxes, drum kits, even bolo ties and cowboy boots.  I absolutely loooooovvedd it.

    They had maracas and birds next to the main pool. When we took a quick break from the park I swam in a pool that was shaped like a piano while Derek took a nap. I thought that the all star resorts might be more packed with small children running and screaming but the pool and common areas were actual very calm and pleasant.

    The main building and pool area had tons of games and activities throughout the day. Everything from Disney pictionary to outdoor movie night.

    We asked a really nice family to take our picture in front of Cinderella's Castle. The mom took extra care in making sure we were perfectly centered. Thanks someone else's mom!!

    Waiting in line for small world. We were overdue for a break at this point. I would recommend getting a fast pass whenever you can. You need to plan ahead and get there early for Toy Story Mania, Soarin, and Test Track. Best bet is also get a fast pass later in the day for Peter Pan, Jungle Cruise, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, and Rockin Roller Coaster. We could have lived without the Buzz Light year ride and Stitch's Great Escape. Our personal faves were Pirate's of the Caribbean, Toy Story Mania, Kilimanjaro Safari, and the light show projected from multiple angles onto the castle.

    Japan in Epcot! We split the California roll for a snack and a break.

    Ice cream date in front of Cinderella's Castle! I absolutely love the yellow tables, chairs, and matching umbrellas. Super retro.

    Thanks for letting me share our magical Disney adventures with ya!! I can't wait to go back!

    xoxo, Olivia

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  • Happy, Happy. Joy, Joy.

    Posted: 06.13.13

    I am currently packing for my vacation (yay!!) and I have tried on every suit at least sixteen times. I am tryinggg, emphasis on trying, to limit myself to packing two suits. The Hayley suit is already packed because we are going to Disney and it reminds me of Minnie mouse. The other suit that made the team is.......drum.....roll.....please................THE JOY! I wanted to bring something that I could get more of a tan in so I knew I wanted a bandeau top. The orange and green looked best against my, now semi-tan, skin and I also thought it was cute to wear oranges on my bikini while in Florida. Can you tell I'm excited for some R&R? You can keep track of my adventures & sunny beach days on insta :) 


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  • We Are What We Make

    Posted: 06.13.13

    We are what we make is something Cheryl & I really feel in our hearts. Alsoooo if we didn't make things we would go insane.  p.s. we don't just make swimsuits. Crafting/art/DIY/whatever you want to call it is part of our everyday lives. Cheryl makes pretty things like baby shoes, and flower crowns, and little dresses. I like to paint pretty pictures, decorate my little home, and make weird accessories. I got these cutie little pencils for Cheryl on Etsy.com. 

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  • OFabz Meets The Mayor

    Posted: 06.13.13

    Yep. Cheryl and I had breakfast with Mayor Tom Henry. (Woo hoo!) It feels great to live in a city where a small, 100% women owned business has a voice. It wasn't quite like an episode of Portlandia but we still had a lovely time.

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  • Looking Back. Moving Forward.

    Posted: 05.07.13

    As are working on the 2014 line, we keep catching ourselves looking at the fab suits of the 50's & 60's and the strong women who wore them. They didn't just lay by the pool in their suits, although that's nice too, they had adventures filled with freedom and fun! I can't help but be inspired by their tenacity and value of silliness, adventure, and fun.

    Happy Summertime. Let's have adventures.



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  • Rooftop Babes

    Posted: 04.18.13

    Adam Meyer of COYA creative and I put together an impromptu photo shoot for an impromptu snowfall. The girls were great sports and we all had a ton of fun.

    Beach ball party!

    Peace & Love :)

    At one point she said, "It's not even cold".

    Keegan likes to ham it up.

    Mia is such a babe.

    Showing off the mix n' match with the Mae top and the Lilly bottom. <3

    The Hayley top with a furry leopard coat was an obvious choice.

    Great friends deserve great swimsuits.

    Peace & Love,






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  • Winter Coat Roundup

    Posted: 01.31.13

    Just because the beautiful weather was short lived, doesn't mean we have to be sad. I rounded up the best and brightest winter coats to cheer you up and put pep in your snowy steps. Tough to choose but my top three are navy blue, polka dot, and cropped red. What do you think?


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  • Road Trip with Heaven's Gateway Drugs

    Posted: 01.14.13

    Spenci and I went on a road trip this weekend with Heaven's Gateway Drugs in the name of fun and adventure. We had a great time.. but you can see for yourself.

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  • Jet Setting Swimwear

    Posted: 01.14.13

    Last week we sent suits out to Denmark, Spain, and Australia. Excited to become a jet setting retro swimwear company!

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  • Press Play: Moonrise Kingdom

    Posted: 01.10.13

    We want to go camping and look as cute as Suzy! She balances her cute-as-a-button style with a tough-as-nails attitude that makes her irritably charming. Break out the Sunday school shoes and let's have an adventure!

     Forzieri Capaf Wicker Barrel Bag- $534, ferzieri.com; Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable- $90, brookstone.com; La Perla Charming Flowers Triangle Bra- $78, journelle.com; Ray Ban RX5121 2000 Wayfarer Glasses; Aioty Peter Pan Dress, gilt.com; Sky Capers Coat- $135, modcloth.com; Fossil vintage revival camera case- $78, fossil.co.uk; Women's Saddle Oxford- $20, payless.com; J.Crew Globe Trotter suitcase with wheels- $1,750, jcrew.com; Noir Cosmetics Ultra Rich eye pencil in rich black- $16, beauty.com

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  • Beauty Obsession of the week:

    Posted: 01.03.13

    As lovers of all things mod and retro we can't help but jump for joy that the Twiggy lash is back!

    Get the look: Going solo lash- $15, benefitcosmetics.com; Topshop Eyelash curler- $8.08, johnlewis.com

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  • Press Play:

    Posted: 01.03.13

    All the recent buzz about peter pan collars and ladylike sweaters got us thinking.... Millie Kentner is a style icon! Cult followers of Freaks and Geeks may not have dreamed of being more like Millie while watching her champion the mathletes of McKinley High School but the more we reflect on her style, the more we want to bust out the cardigans and contour clips.

    Get the Look: Pastel contour clips- $5.18, diva.net.au; F&F Embellished blouse, clothingattesco.com; Edrem Scarlett Hounds tooth Sweater- $594, mytheresa.com;  Tigi Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream- $27, asos.com; Marni Iris Blue A-line Skirt- $920, modaoperandi.com; Mop C-System Straight Smoothing Shampoo- $23, thehut.com.

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  • 2013: The Year of Lashes and Lips (Yay!)

    Posted: 12.31.12

    Okay, you know we're a fan of a bold lip and sky high lashes (who isn't). But we're taking it to a whole.... nother.... level... in 2013. Here's a list of must haves.

    Giorgio Armani Shine Lipstick in Frozen Rose- $29, giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com; Jemma Kidd makeup school mascara- $28, zalando.co.uk; Beauty is Life Lipstick in Red 13 w-c -$28, barneys.com; MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara- $20, nordstrom.com, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square- $24, barneys.com; NARS Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara- $25, beauty.com; Lips in Rio Rio- $16, topshop.com; MAC Plush Lash Mascara- $15, bloomingdales.com; MAC Lipstick in Blankety- $15, nordstrom.com

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  • Let's talk 2013

    Posted: 12.26.12

    Pull that LBD out of the closet this NYE and pump it up with some punchy accessories...  extra points for the velvet blazer.

    Bardot Hart Cutout Dress- $135, bardot.com.au; Jacquard knitted dress- $137, tedbaker-london.com; Black Sheer Mesh Front- $24;Shiny Metallic Lace Mesh- $52, choies.com; Structured Dress- $195, celebboutique.com; Jingle Bell Dolly Platform Pumps- $884, mytheresa.com; Sabine Faceted Statement Ring- $14, piperlime.gap.com; Freda Velvet Blazer- $704, matchesfashion.com; Talullah Tu Baroque Purple Clutch- $120, talullahtu.co.uk


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