OFabz Takes Taste on Taste of the Arts!

Posted: 08.20.12

OFabz Takes Taste on Taste of the Arts!
Saturday, August 25 at Artlink in the Auer Center

Gallery opens at noon with a special musical performance by The Good Ones Clothing Co. Band at 6pm


We were recently invited to display our suits as art in a gallery. After the initial honored and flattered moment of blushing, we began wondering how we would display them. Every swimsuit looks pitiful on a hanger so the hunt for mannequins began. Luckily Cheryl knows everyone so she put out the bat signal via Twitter and within forty minutes we had a lead. We made our way to the History Center at the corner of Berry and Barr Street to pick up the lovely ladies. Going into the attic of the history center is a rare and magical occurrence that few have experienced. Boxes of this, shelves of that, and an unusually appropriate crate of arms and hands. Most importantly though, they had the girl torsos.
Some families do projects together… none like the Fabian family. After returning from brunch in my brother’s 1968 Firebird one Sunday afternoon, we took mannequin torsos out onto my mom’s deck and began painting. We painted things like, “Peace & love”, “Let all the children boogie”, hearts, kitten faces, quill arrows, and so on. The neighbors didn’t even peak out their windows to see what we’re doing this time. I guess they’ve been desensitized by previous weird, yet necessary, Fabian family projects.
Once dry and suited, we toted the newly painted mannequins to the the corner of Main and Barr Street and up the front steps of the Auer Center. We have a few other finishing touches that you’ll have to just come downtown this weekend to enjoy Taste of the Arts, Last Saturday’s festivities, and see the family project and the OFabz suits for yourself!
You can visit us at the opening of Fort Wear this Saturday, August 25th at Artlink in the Auer Center. Make sure to come by at 6:00pm to see The Final Hurrah’s, The Good Ones Clothing Co. Band!


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